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Championship Tae Kwon Do


Dec 23, 2019
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The Current Main Class and Fee Schedule has been updated and is now available for download (pdf)



Welcome to the Championship Tae Kwon Do website,
home of the Hylton Association of Martial Arts.

Championship Tae Kwon Do
is located at:

2516 S. Washington St. 
Grand Forks, ND 

Our Head Instructors:
Master Kristina Eelkema Hylton
5th dan black belt WTF
4th dan Hapkido
1st dan Kumdo

Master Shane Hylton
4th dan black belt WTF
3rd dan Hapkido
1st dan Kumdo


Please call or visit with any questions concerning our curriculum.   New students may begin classes at any time .

Current Main Class & Fee Schedule

Other Championship
Tae Kwon Do Schools are
located at:

Crookston, MN
Drayton, ND  
Karlstad, MN